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Paige Hart 

Jishou, Hunan to Tampa, Florida

Paige's Story: Welcome

About me

Age: 19

Age at Adoption: 6 years

Interests: Working out/fitness, listening to music, traveling, and cooking

Paige's Story: Text

When did you realize your story is different?

Growing up, I always knew I was different. By the time my “forever family” adopted me, I was already shaped into who I am. My parents used to live in Michigan at the time and I noticed I was the only Asian in my school. I have met a few adoptees from China, but no one I could relate to since I was adopted at an older age. 

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How was your experience growing up?

I would say I had the typical American family that you would see from the movies. I can’t say enough good things about my childhood. I’m not one to regret things, but if I had to do one thing differently, it would be to engage with my culture when I was young. My parents tried to convince me to attend Chinese school, but I refused. At the age of 6, most kids want to fit in, therefore I wanted nothing to do with my culture and I felt ashamed to be Asian. As an Asian living in a dominate white community, I rejected my culture and instead, adopted the American culture. Growing up, many kids made fun of my eyes and it affected my self-esteem. I told myself I would get double eyelid surgery so I can be more “American” and it bothered me when my eye makeup didn’t turn out the same way as a YouTuber’s. It wasn’t until a few years ago, I began to accept who I was and found ways to enhance what I was given. 

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How do you want your story to impact others?

I hope my story impacts other Chinese adoptees of older age. I always wondered why I wasn’t adopted when I was a baby or infant. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and that by being adopted at an older age, I was able to meet the right family. As crazy as it sounds, I felt like my life hadn’t started until I met my family, as if I was born into it. Remember: you weren’t abandoned, but rather left to be found!

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Thank you for reading my story! If you want more info about me, feel free to contact me @paige.hart. I would love to connect with other adoptees!

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